Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love is in the air...

I had every intention of posting yesterday, but when I got off at 2300 I came straight home and drugged myself with NyQuil and Mucinex and passed out on the couch. My Valentine's Day present from my husband? The flu. Thank you, honey. I appreciate it.

That being said, work was so not fun yesterday. I was call-taking with an incredibly sore throat that made my voice sound like Tara Reid. On top of already not feeling well, I had to deal with the following morons.

A very irate man called me on 911 to demand the non-emergency number for one of the police departments we dispatch for, as he had a "robbery" to complain about.
Me: 911, where is your emergency?
Him: I need the non-emergency number for the X Police Department.
Me: We dispatch for them, sir, how can I help you?
Him: You can start by putting the fucking number in the fucking phone book!
Me: ... Did you look under "Government?"
Him: No! I looked under "S" for the S. Police Department.
Me: Ok... what did you need?
Him: I need to report a robbery.
Me: What's your address?
Him: Taco Bell
Me: What happened?
Him: This happens all the time! They're robbing me of my full order.
Me: Did you talk to a manager?
Him: She laughed at me.
Me: Ok, Sir. What's your (name, address, etc)? ....

When I looked up the schmuck in house, he has a history of assaulting police officers. So, needless to say, he merely got a phone call from the officer and was told to lay off the booze.

On top of that charming man, I dealt with four domestics, one of which ended up in arresting the male for two counts of domestic battery, a suicidal subject that was actually in another county, an 18 year old male that was unresponsive (turned out he drunk himself into oblivion) and the parents were screaming at me to just "send the fucking ambulance already," and one really nasty roll-over accident.

The perk to yesterday? My husband brought me food from our favorite Chinese restaurant and a single red rose and had dinner with me at work. Just another day in the life...

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  1. Don't you love following there barking orders of just send the police???? Do they really think were going to listen and do what they say without question??